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Welcome to the pesticide and IPM online database

This online database on pesticides and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), is an initiative by the ISEAL IPM Coalition. 

The IPM Coalition is made up of 9 organizations who aim to promote integrated pest management (IPM) and to reduce or eliminate the use of highly hazardous pesticides. All are sustainability organizations and ISEAL members (see logos below).


Why is this website important?

Offers updated information on highly hazardous pesticides (HHP) and their status in different standard systems.  It will soon be offering information on alternatives to HHP and integrated pest management, IPM, in collaboration with existing data bases.


What questions does it answer?

a. What pesticides are banned or restricted by a standard system that is part of the ISEAL IPM Coalition?  (Pesticides are presented by the name of their active ingredient).

b. Which hazard attributes does a pesticide have?

c. Information on Integrated Pest Management for most relevant pests and diseases (of crops, trees or grass under the scope of schemes / standards of the IPM Coalition).


How to search for pesticides ?  

Click on the green magnifying glass to the right and start your specific search.  For alternative SEARCH options go to HELP in the main menu, "How to search for...?".


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This website is possible thanks to a grant from the ISEAL Innovations Fund (October 2016 - December 2017).  


Coalition Steering Commitee:

Graham Bruford: Graham.Bruford@bettercotton.org at BCI


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