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The SAN Solutions for Sustainability are a toolbox of services designed to meet the needs of producers and companies along the value chain, as well as organizations and donors interested in delivering real change on the ground.

Our portfolio of solutions is characterized by their flexibility, efficiency and scalability, and by the unique combination of strategic global thinking with local reach and capacity that SAN offers. The menu of services may be selected and combined according to your business needs and goals in order to deliver real and cost-effective impacts.The SAN Solutions are science-based and data-driven. What makes SAN unique as a partner is that we use our best-in class standard (SAN Standard) as a roadmap and draw upon our global and local network of expertise.

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Pesticide rationale

Crop and pasture health is a key factor to reach optimum levels of productivity and economic profitability in agricultural and livestock systems, as pest incidence directly affects the yields and quality that are necessary for the sale and trade of agricultural goods and a stable food supply.

The control of pests by synthetic pesticides is one of the most used methods for commercial crop and livestock production. Many of these chemicals have severe negative impacts on human and environmental health because of their high toxicity and incorrect application. Additionally, safe agrochemical applications often require the use of specific personal protective equipment that is beyond the reach of many producers.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches aim to protect crop and pasture health by combining different pest control methods, thus reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and the toxic footprint of agriculture.

SAN adopts the “PAMS framework” (Prevention, Avoidance, Monitoring, Suppression) for IPM because it allows the design of pest management solutions for each particular scenario.

Impact delivering

SAN’s interventions use the “PAMS framework” and implement an IPM plan through the participatory methodology designed by the Oregon State University’s Integrated Plant Protection Center from Oregon State University (USA). The interventions are based on the following steps:

  1. Design the participatory process with key stakeholders.
  2. Identification of productive processes and pest infestation risks.
  3. Analysis of the biology and life cycle of identified pests.
  4. Identification of areas and pests that require further control measures.

Farms working with SAN on IPM are able to control pests minimizing the use of pesticides and their negative effects on people and the environment, and learn how to properly manage agrochemicals.

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