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Name Casrn Pesticide use
Thiophanate-methyl 23564-05-8 Fungicide
Tetrabromodiphenyl ethers 40088-47-9 Industrial chemical
Tribromodiphenyl ether 49690-94-0 Industrial chemical
Thiamethoxam 153719-23-4 Insecticide, Acaricide
Thiacloprid 111988-49-9 Insecticide, Acaricide
TCMTB 21564-17-0 Microbiocide
Tetraethyl lead 78-00-2 Industrial chemical
Tepraloxydim 149979-41-9 Herbicide
Tetramethyl lead 75-74-1 Industrial chemical
Thiourea 62-56-6 Rodenticide
Tri-allate 2303-17-5 Herbicide
Terbufos 13071-79-9 Nematicide
Triorganostannic compounds other than tributyltin compounds Multiple uses
Tridemorph 81412-43-3 Fungicide
Tralomethrin 66841-25-6 Insecticide, Acaricide



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