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Name Casrn Pesticide use
Acephate 30560-19-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Amitraz 33089-61-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Ferbam 14484-64-1 Fungicide
Fenvalerate 51630-58-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Fenbutatin oxide 13356-08-6 Insecticide, Acaricide
Phosalone 2310-17-0 Insecticide, Acaricide
Permethrin 52645-53-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Quintozene 82-68-8 Fungicide
Simazine 122-34-9 Herbicide
Thiodicarb 59669-26-0 Molluscicide
Zineb 12122-67-7 Fungicide

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