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Name Casrn Pesticide use
1,1,1-Trichloroethane; Methylchloroform 71-55-6 Solvent
2,4,5-T 93-76-5 Herbicide
2-Acetoxymercuricethanol phenylmercuric lactate 4665-55-8 Fungicide, Seed treatment
2,2',3,3',4,5',6-Heptabromodiphenyl ether 446255-22-7 Industrial chemical
2,2',3,4,4',6,6'-Heptabromodiphenyl ether 207122-16-5 Industrial chemical
2,2',4,4'-Tetrabromodiphenyl ether 5436-43-1 Industrial chemical
2,2',4,4',5-Pentabromodiphenyl ether 60348-60-9 Industrial chemical
Aldrin 309-00-2 Insecticide, Acaricide
Azinphos-ethyl 2642-71-9 Insecticide, Acaricide
Acrolein 107-02-8 Herbicide
Alachlor 15972-60-8 Herbicide
Aldicarb 116-06-3 Insecticide, Acaricide
alpha-Hexachlorocyclohexane 319-84-6 Insecticide, Acaricide
Alpha-chlorohydrin 96-24-2 Rodenticide
AI 3-29758 31506-32-8 Industrial chemical



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