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Name Casrn Pesticide use
1,3-dichloropropene 542-75-6 Nematicide
Azamethiphos 35575-96-3 Insecticide, Acaricide
Alanycarb 83130-01-2 Insecticide, Acaricide
Acrinathrin 101007-06-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Acephate 30560-19-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Amoxicillin 26787-78-0 Antibiotic
Anthraquinone 84-65-1 Bird repellent
Bendiocarb 22781-23-3 Insecticide, Acaricide
Benfuracarb 82560-54-1 Insecticide, Acaricide
Borax 1303-96-4 Multiple uses
Butachlor 23184-66-9 Herbicide
Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl 177406-68-7 Fungicide
Bensulide 741-58-2 Herbicide
Boric acid 10043-35-3 Insecticide, Acaricide
Bioresmethrin 28434-01-7 Insecticide, Acaricide



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