IPM Coalition

integrated pest management

Pesticide and integrated pest management database to help sustainability standards share information and drive improvements

An innovations funded
pesticide and integrated pest management (IPM) database to make it easier to
find information on pesticide active ingredients and alternatives is in

A few years ago, a group of ISEAL member organisations
formed the ISEAL pesticides working group to discuss the challenges of
pesticide use in agriculture, forestry and golf. In 2016, the group of eight
ISEAL members went on to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to
work together to reduce the use of pesticides, with the longer-term aim of
eliminating highly hazardous pesticides (HHP).

 The development of a pesticide database, which allows
users to search for information on the active ingredients in pesticides and
alternatives to these, such as IPM, is the first coalition project.

 Thanks to a grant from the ISEAL innovations fund,
the database is currently under construction. Once the database is up and
running, users will be able to:

 learn where a specific
pesticide (active ingredient) is listed by one or more scheme

  • identify the status of active
    ingredients in different schemes
  • access information on the
    human and environmental hazards of the active ingredient according to the
    technical criteria and indicators used by each scheme
  • access guidance on managing a
    weed, pest or disease in the context of a specific crop, as well as experts
    that can provide further guidance on how to phase-out a particular highly
    hazardous pesticide
  • share best practice and obtain
    information about IPM and non-chemical alternatives for managing pests and

Through this
database, sustainability standards that set pesticide
lists will better understand the areas of overlap with other standards organisations,
which could enable some harmonisation across lists.

Standards systems will also be able to support
more responsible pesticide use with this powerful support tool and IPM
knowledge, which will enhance its take up by users as well as by auditors. Ultimately,
this will improve the focus that standards systems have on pesticides.

The project will run until December 2017.

 this Blog is taken from ISEAL website./ community page.

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